What is the cost?

We have a $125 minimum charge for every job which includes our gas and time to get to your location. If you only have one stump then this may be all you have to pay depending on the size.  There are many factors that will effect the end cost. These include size of the stump, location/ease of access, hight of the stump, is the stump rotted vs freshly cut, and what will be done with the chips. For stumps 12-24" the average cost is below $150.00 with a simple clean up. Additional stumps added to the job can be as little as $40 possibly less. Those who have hired E&E know, small easily accessible add-on stumps can be added as a courtesy for the customer. To put that in prospective, renting the smallest stump grinder from Home Depot will cost around $175.00 after taxes. For larger jobs you will want to rent at least a 25hp grinder which will cost around $300.00 Home Depot. If your stump is over 36" you will really want to rent a diesel machine that is just shy of $500.00 to rent for the day. Typically, a stump of that size with no exposed roots will cost $150-$200. Adding stumps is easy and are added at a discounted rate. Every job can be tailored to fit the budget. We also offer HALF-DAY and FULL DAY deals where we can grind as much as possible in 4 or 8 hr periods if you have several stumps.


Renting vs Hiring the Pro.

As you see above, renting a stump grinder for a single stump is not cost effective. Especially when you factor in your time. With that being said, there are always times where renting may be the way to go. If you can offset the cost by sharing the rental with a neighbor, who also needs stump grinding, renting may work. Also if you have multiple stumps of similar sizes, it may be slightly beneficial to rent a grinder. 

When renting always use proper safety equipment and follow the manufacturers recommendations. And don't forget, when renting, you will need a pickup truck to get even the smallest of stump grinders. You will need towing capabilities for any stump grinder over 25hp. 

Why not uproot the stump?

Uprooting the stump is an option, but is a costly one. First off the equipment used will cause lawn damage in most cases. Also roots can be entangled in foundations and sewer pipes and pulling a stump could cause damage to these. Lastly, stumps can be really large thus incurring quite a charge just to dispose of it. 

Why choose E&E?

We are fully insured and bonded and use Call Before You Dig (8-1-1) when necessary to complete our job. Safety is paramount.

We set up chip barriers when necessary to contain the mess and insure no rocks are sent flying . 

We will tailor every job to fit into the clients budget, or will point the customer in the right direction if we aren't a good fit. 

We grind to a depth of 4-6" unless requested to go deeper and leave the area neat and tidy. 

We can also haul away chips and bring in fresh topsoil at an additional cost to give you a turn key job so you won't even know it was ever there.