E&E Installation Services, LLC

"Moving you closer to your dreams"

Our Terms and Conditions:

  • All estimates provided are not an invoice and subject to change not to exceed 10% higher than total quoted amount. (i.e $100 estimate subject to $10 change for unforeseen circumstances)

  • E&E will not be responsible for anything damaged or broken in a box that was not packed and taped by us.

  • E&E will not be responsible for anything lost or damaged that was placed in a box or container that was without a lid or sealed.

  • E&E reserves the right to refuse to remove or relocate any item that is deemed unsanitary, unsafe, or otherwise unfit to move.

  • E&E will not be responsible for any furniture that is already in an unstable condition ( i.e cracked, leaning, loose, etc.)

  • E&E will not move or remove any hazardous materials such as drugs, explosives or firearms.

  •  E&E will never ask you to pay an amount different than the estimate you received unless previously agreed upon and/or the terms of contract were broken. 

  • E&E may require up to 50% of total cost of the project to be paid in advance when large amounts of materials need to be purchased.

  • If any customer should have an issue with E&E or one of its workers, they should contact us immediately to resolve the issue as customer satisfaction is our paramount goal. We politely ask customers to not leave a rant on the internet.

  • E&E is licensed as "E&E Installation Services, LLC" in the state of VA

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